Our Featured Cuts


A thicker cut of T-Bone, The Porterhouse also features a larger cut of filet


A combination of the tenderness and delicate flavor of the filet and the richly marbled strip.

Filet Mignon

Most tender beef cut. Lean yet succulent. It has a buttery texture and more subtle flavor.

Strip Steak

This classic cut of beef is well marbled, tender and full of flavor.


Lean and juicy. A highly flavorful cut of steak.


The most juicy and flavorful steak, distinguished by the rich marbling that runs through each steak. 

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Overlook Farm​

If you would like more T- Bone, Porterhouse or Sirloin, we can make adjustments.
Packages subject to change due to inventory. Customer will be notified as soon as possible if changes need to be made.
Custom cut whole or half steer available  by special order.  Please contact us as soon as possible so we can give you a target date for order processing.

Porterhouse Steak

Hereford Beef

T-Bone Steak

All Natural Premium Hereford Beef

Boneless Ribeye Steak

Larger Packages

40 Pound Beef Package $400.00

4 T-Bone Steaks

4 Strip Steaks

4 Ribeye Steaks

1 Sirloin Steak

2 Chuck Roast

1 Short Ribs

2 London Broil

2 Round Tip Steaks

15 Pack Ground Beef

Smaller Packages

30 Pound Beef Package $300.00

2 Filet Mignon

1 Rib Roast

2 Porter House Steaks

1 Short Ribs

2 Baby Back Ribs

2 Ribeye Steaks

​1 Bottom Round Roast

10 Pack Ground Beef

20 Pound Beef Package $200.00

2 Ribeye Steaks

2 Strip Steaks

1 Bottom Round Roast

2 London Broil

2 Short Ribs

5 Packs Ground Beef