All Natural Premium Hereford Beef

All Natural Hereford Beef

Overlook Farm​

Some of the smallest farm hands here at Overlook Farm have the toughest job. Farm Manager, Glenn Kopp, is the owner and handler of four working dogs.  They play a big role in our day to day operations, especially in the fall when the cattle need to be moved frequently from pasture to pasture. The dogs also herd sheep, pigs, and, believe it or not, ducks!
Through his hard work, Glenn seems to make the process of moving a herd of cattle down a road or into distant pastures look easy. Of course that is not the case.  Glenn has obviously spent a great deal of time training and bonding with his herding dogs.  Glenn and his dogs have a lovely synergy.  It's a joy to watch. 
We hope this video gives you a glimpse of what this team does. 

"God said, I need Somebody who'd bale a family together with the soft strong bonds of sharing, who would laugh and then sigh, and then reply, with smiling eyes, when his son says he wants to spend his life 'doing what dad does. So God made a farmer."

Paul Harvey

The Autumn of 2016 was quite spectacular in spite of the serious drought I think we were all delighted to see such color here in the Monadnock Region. It’s always nice to have such a beautiful show of color before the bleakness of winter sets in.
If you are from New Hampshire, you have no doubt heard the saying,
“We only have two seasons, Winter and getting ready for Winter!”  That seems to ring true more often than not!   For the last couple of months we have been getting the firewood in, moving the cattle around, and prepping the fields for Winter.  
In mid-September, most of the herd went off to our pastures across town. Seventeen cows stayed behind as they are all in various stages of getting ready to calve.  We keep a watchful eye on the cows by checking them every four hours around the clock to be sure that, if in labor, all goes smoothly.  So far this year, there have been 14 healthy calves born. 
In late October we brought the herd back to the farm to graze down the fields.  By December they will be brought into the barn yards for the winter which enables us to spread manure that will spend the winter breaking down and fertilizing the fields.  .